Make Love Standing Up!

APA - Make Love Standing Up

What comes to mind? Perhaps an image from our shower togetherpost?

Those who shower together report that while this is usually a very pleasant and happy experience, it’s usually not about sex, standing up or otherwise.

There are some other very pleasurable ways to have sex standing up, but these may be more in the spirit of what Shere Hite suggested when she wrote…

“I’m suggesting we call sex something else, and it should include everything from kissing to sitting close together.”  –  Shere Hite

However, the very best advice we’ve come across lately for “getting it on” standing up, and even in some other rooms in the house, comes from a wonderfully refreshing sexually explicit piece by Marye Audet.  Simple and accessible, Marye claims these to be the ultimate techniques to “make her wild with desire.”  These she describes in five simple exercises:

       1. Wet hands

       2. Vibrate me Baby

        3. The wet T-shirt game

        4. What goes up must come down

       5. Tonight it’s oral gratification

We encourage you to take a look at Marye’s article, Guys: 5 Sexual Techniques to Make Her Wild with Desire,” and as explicit and frank as these may seem, please tell us if you can imagine these working for you!  …and, enjoy! 


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  1. Justine says:

    In the comments following Marye’s clever article was another suggestion for this list by “Zafar.” A good addition to the list!

    “You forgot “Stroke, stroke stroke!

    “Plug in the iron. As it (and she) heats up, whisper sweet loving thoughts. Once the iron is heated, place a freshly washed t-shirt on the table, lay the iron on it and gently stroke with slow long motions.

    Continue this treatment till t-shirt is smooth and wrinkle free. Repeat till all clothes are ironed. Then proceed to take wife’s clothes off, and use techniques 4 and 5 to make her quiver with love and desire.

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