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The Simple Marriage website is the work of psychologist and marriage and family therapist Dr. Corey Allan.  For married couples looking for something truly thoughtful and refreshing, the practical advice and wit here is a breath of fresh air. Corey suggests that the average marriage can enjoy so much more, in terms of excitement, passion and simple pleasure, and gives this savvy advice in posts such as…

How To Improve Marriage And Slow Down Life At The Same Time

Man Up/Woman Up: How To Have Curl Your Toes Sex

Six Marriage Myths Debunked.

Corey is the author of “The Simple Marriage Matrix,” – click here to download a free copy,  and “A Simple Marriage,” click here for details.

“Corey Allan’s book, A Simple Marriage, is wonderful in its simplicity and elegance.  If you’re looking for a way to help you and your spouse self evaluate your marriage, where it’s going, and how to get it back on track, then this is it.” – Hayden Tompkins,

Corey sums up his philosophy as a therapist, teacher and writer:

What’s Simple Marriage All About?

The main belief  – life is choice (so is marriage). Therefore I choose to:

  1. Grow deeper spiritually
  2. Keep it simple
  3. Be passionate
  4. Live in community with others
  5. Enjoy the ride

For any married couple looking for a bit of inspiration and fun, this site is well worth checking out.

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