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Two simple words… so enchanting, so evocative…

“In a man’s letters, you know, madam, his soul lies naked.” – Dr. Johnson – (1709-1784)

Have you written a love letter recently? This past week? By post? I rather doubt it.

According to Netpop Research, 32% of total online time is in communicating, which is up 93% since 2006.

Email is the most popular mode of communication, designed for one-to-one interactions.

Instant messaging, texting and social networking are dramatically higher among teens than in the overall broadband population.

Photos are the most common type of information shared online, while podcasts are the least common.

Blogs are more likely to be shared with co-workers and the public than other forms of shared content.

Heavy contributors are likely to be younger and are just as likely to be women as men; they are more likely to contribute content that reflects their interests and opinions.

54% of micro-bloggers post or “tweet” daily and 72% of micro-bloggers under age 18 post or “tweet” daily.

(from MC Marketing Charts)

But… no “love letters?” 

We may sign off our email with “love,” perhaps text 459 or 143 or 459 or 831, all of which apparently mean “I love you,” but when did we last take time to carefully craft a decent love letter to our partner?  No time?  And so we knock off cryptic, perhaps flirtatious, sometimes suggestive or even edgy, but mainly mindless abbreviations.

How many of these text-messaging short-forms do YOU know?

LY  –  LYL   –  ILU or ILY  –  LYB  –  LY4E  –  LOML  –  LUSM  –  DUM  –  DURS  –  IWSN  –  SSC  –  TIAIL  –  GLYASDO  –  GNBLFY  –  CT  –  NATO  –  AML  –  TTYT   (click here for answers)

Our lives are so fragmented and busy, that any affectionate sentiment we may express is in very short form, and likely in short supply as well.

Have you written a love-letter lately?

If you’ve been married for some time, try to recall when this may have been. Perhaps before you were married? I’m not talking about a line or two on a Christmas or anniversary card, or a passing quip in email or texting (or sexting), but something much more thoughtful, penetrating, reckless and extravagant.

Have you received a love letter recently?  (You’d remember).

In our next post we’ll send you a few exquisite examples for you to enjoy. Excerpts from real love letters between famous people in history in a quiz form, to see if you can guess who penned these gushing lines. But just before you enjoy sneaking a look at someone else’s letters, listen to what Max Lincoln Schuster (of Simon & Schuster) wrote in “A Treasury of The World’s Great Letters,” 1940:

“Two strange facts I discovered… First, that with a few exceptions, geniuses like Beethoven, conquerors like Napoleon, and great creative scientists like Michael Faraday all say pretty much the same romantic, grandiloquent, and sometimes incoherent things when they sit down to write love letters.”

The second, that in Venezuela the post office permits love letters to go through the mails at half rate, provided they are sent in bright red envelopes.”

Isn’t that fabulous? …that at one time, even a national postal service wanted to encourage and support the expression of delicious words of loving affection, intrigue and seduction.  Sadly, we have come a long way since then!

Until you enjoy a voyeuristic peek into the envelopes of other’s love-letters, think about what you could write this week to your own.

  • What could you say?
  • What kinds of things did you once, perhaps long ago, write?
  • Consider surprising your own lover with a delicious over-the-top letter this week.
  • Don’t put it off!  And enjoy this risky risque adventuring!

And as well, see if you can dig out some old steamy letters.  So much better for you two to enjoy these, rather than some embarrassed and perhaps slightly disinterested relative many years from now!

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