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2101. GO!“Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it!”  –  Goethe – (1749-1832)  We’re usually not short on ideas or even will-power, but so often we just can’t to seem to do the things we really want to do. A challenge to “GO!” in 2010, and especially to begin to really talk to each other.  

“Ultimately, the bond of all companionship, whether in marriage or friendship, is conversation.”  –  Oscar Wilde,  1854-1900

MERRY CHRISTMAS! –  Our Christmas 2009 greeting along with some text and a link to Dylan Thomas’s brilliant poem, remembering many of his childhood Christmases rolled together in “A Child’s Christmas in Wales.” Also a comment from Tiny Tim.

SPEND BIG! REALLY! – This Christmas, pour something quite sexy indeed into your beloved’s Christmas stocking; give them yourself! A gift that keeps on giving through 2010! Ten promises to “show up” with passion, sexual and otherwise. “Blank cheques” for them to redeem when and as they wish. And you still have time to also forward this post to them as well, with “…and this what I really want this Christmas!”

LONELY? – in the midst of your life and in the midst of your relationship?  “The mass of men live lives of quiet desperation and go to the grave with the song still in them.” – Henry David Thoreau – (1817-1862).  Many marriages suffer a “creeping separateness,” and then this quiet desperation which becomes “an abyss they now think of as normal, unavoidable and acceptable.”  What can we do?

LET’S TALK  –  Explicit conversation. The ache to know, and to be known…  Sexual words convey images, ideas and fantastic possibilities. These hopes and promises are everywhere; the “sex and relationships” tab on your home page, the clever and not so subtle Cialis ad, the breasty girl on this months Cosmo, and of course, filling our evening television.

SLEEP. THE NEW SEX   Too Tired for Sex?” …or, just too tired? Fatigue is in. Almost everywhere you look, and anywhere you go, you will find people complaining that they are just TOO tired. Shooting for the weekend, trying to get through the day, didn’t sleep that well last night, so much to do. Too tired for words.

FIRE!  How do you fall in love? How do you keep that love going? (on fire). How do you tend to this love (fire) when you ‘re apart?

NAKED AND NOT ASHAMED  “Marriage Actually” interview. “What do you feel is the main problem (or problems) couples are facing sexually today?”

DIAL “M” FOR…  Masturbation!  The amazing availability of it!”  –  James Joyce

THE PERFECT CHRISTMAS GIFT FOR LOVERS!  –   “For a late night-cap, A Private Affair is the perfect erotic tonic” for those lazy days together after Christmas, and through the cold winter nights yet to come!”

MAKE LOVE STANDING UP    a wonderfully refreshing sexually explicit piece by Marye Audet.

OUR SURVEY RESULTS!    68% said that they wished that their partner would initiate sex more often.

LOVE, LIFE & SEX  –  Link to the APA quotes archive.  Over 75 of the best.

PASSION & DELIGHT  “…after childhood, we rarely delight in anything. Yet delight, along with gratitude, is the primary religious virtue and is the deepest root of all love, friendship, sexuality, family life, community, passion and enthusiasm. All of these, if they are not to die, must be a constant source of delight.” – Ronald Rolheiser, “Against an Infinite Horizon.”

SHOWER TOGETHER  –  Some dreamy, and wonderfully detailed instructions. Try this tomorrow morning…

INTERPENETRATION  –  Consider how you might risk more vulnerability with your lover today.

THREE QUESTIONS  –  The best time to do things is –  now.  The most important one is – the one you are with.  The most important thing is – to do good for the one who is standing at your side.

HOW TO HAVE A REALLY GOOD CONVERSATION  –  Someone once described the breakdown of easy and happy communication in marriage, as a creeping separateness,” which often leaves couples so far apart, in nearly every way.

WHO WANTS MORE SEX?  –  Everyone knows that men want sex MORE than women. That men have a higher level of sexual desire, right?  and yet…

EDITOR RECOMMENDED!  –  “A Private Affair” game is a fun and titillating way to deepen the intimacy in your marriage. Even if you have open communication, the cards bring up questions you’d never think to ask. It’s a great way to discover new things about each other just when you thought you knew it all.” ~ Lori Phillips, BellaOnline, June 4th, 2009.

TEN THINGS LOVERS WANT!  –  “I want more of this in our relationship!”

HOW TO INITIATE AN AFFAIR WITH YOUR SPOUSE  –  Furtive glances, aching possibilities, endless conversations, clandestine meetings, impossibly long embraces, and breathless and heated sexual exploration and celebration!  What’s not to like?

SEX SURVEY & STATS  –  How many times a year do Canadian (or Italian, or Polynesian, or South African, or Brazilian) couples have sex?

SEX. WHAT OTHERS  THINK ABOUT  –  If you’re curious, and wondering what the rest of the world is up to sexually, the Discovery Health/Sexual Health Center lists eleven interesting polls about sexual practices, interests, opinions, etc.  These are short and to the point with just 5-10 questions for each survey.    When you submit your answers you’ll instantly see how they compare to what other viewers are saying about sex. 

TIME FOR LOVE!  – Our September Post –   Sex, especially good sex, lives in the margins of our lives.  To be honest, how much room (and energy) do we have left?

SIMPLE MARRIAGE  –  with link to “How to have curl your toes sex!”

LOVE LETTER  –  Two simple words… so enchanting, so evocative…  “In a man’s letters, you know, madam, his soul lies naked.” – Dr. Johnson

SEX QUIZ  –  Link to Dr. Petra Boynton’s Sexpert Quiz  with answers and links to more information.

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