Text Message?

  Man Texting

Note: These are the answers to the “Text Messaging” quiz in our “Love Letters” post.  Take a look there at the suggestion that you think about writing a longer love letter!

LY     Love you

LYL      Love you lots.

ILU or ILY      I love you.

LYB      Love you babe.

LY4E      Love you forever.

LOML      Love of my life.

LUSM      Love you so much.

DUM      Do you masturbate?

DURS      Damn you are sexy!

IWSN      I want sex now.

SSC      Super Sexy/Cute

TIAIL      Think I am in love.

GLYASDO      God Loves you and so do I.

GNBLFY      Got nothing but love for you.

CT      Can’t talk.

NATO      No action, Talk only.

AML      All my love

TTYT      Talk to you tomorrow.

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