Take back your week!

Monday to Friday …or, 62% of your life!

“Monday to Friday.” Does this simple sentence sound exciting? By this evening, this will once again be on our minds…

How is it that this three-word phrase has come to suggest or imply drudgery and routine? A schedule to be obeyed, and an inevitable weariness to once again be endured, ending perhaps with a TGIF gasp.

“The weekend.” Ah! This has a much different ring and feel doesn’t it? And occasionally a bonus treat, the “three-day-weekend!” Sweet!

62% of our lives are lived between Monday morning and Friday afternoon.

It seems a shame that so much of our lives might be lived with the sense that “Monday to Friday“ is survived, and “the weekend” our reward. We’ll often sigh, “man, I’m looking forward to the weekend!” but of course, seldom the other way around.

Oh I know, millions work around the clock in jobs and shift work which completely ignore this 5 & 2 rhythm, but even these folk can feel this background tension.

How’s well do we really live Monday to Friday?

How’s our loving Monday to Friday?  Same old? Can you remember last week?

Take back your week!

Here’s a simple suggestion you may want to try to bring a bit of mischief and enjoyment in your Monday to Friday.

We’ve written elsewhere encouraging you to contemplate just how much really decent “romance” you might import into your day, and have also suggested some clandestine ways you might enjoy an affair with your spouse.  This idea however, is a simple “wish list” for you to revel in,  Monday to Friday, to  bring some renewed life and enjoyment back to this 62% of your life.

Sometime Monday morning (or Sunday night if you’re eager), email, text, tweet or twitter this bit of homework to your partner. (copy & paste this to them!)

“Sweetheart, please email back to me four things you’d just love for me to do for you between now and Friday supper time. Please get your list to me by 3 p.m. today.

These can be matter-of-fact requests, outrageous sexual treats, invitations for simple pleasures (a back massage, a walk, a martini by the fire, etc.)

I will get MY list to you by 3 p.m. as well.  Thanks for doing this!  See ya!”

And then… you just wait! Cool.

Within a few hours,  their secret wish list lands in your “in box,” amidst all sorts of less exciting Monday emails. (Don’t forget to send them yours!)

And then you wait to see when and how your  gifts might come to you, and look for opportunities to insert your gifts into your partner’s “Monday to Friday” life.  Kinda like waiting for some exciting mail!

We’ve been trying this.  It works!

This is not a licence to demand a certain priviledge,  but rather an opportunity to invite each other back into things we perhaps once did more often and easily together.

As well, this excites  curiousity, anticipation and a certain kind of mindfulness back into your relationship. Good things. Welcome things. And sometimes, some lovely surprises, as you will likey have no idea when or how these gifts might arrive.

Nike!  Just… try it.

Much successful loving is as simple as asking your partner what they want, and then going to get it for them.  “Here sweetheart.  I think you wanted this!”

“Why… thank you!!! … how did you know? …so thoughtful… Wow! Thanks!”

You could let another “Monday to Friday” slip by, and wonder just why some things seem to remain stale and unmemorable.

Or… you could “copy and paste” the Monday Morning Email above… and have a much more interesting week!

Carpe diem!

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