Sexual Satisfaction?

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According to a major new sex survey being released today (May 7th/2010), older Americans complain they’re not enjoying themselves like they used to!

“Liberal attitudes” seem to be up, but having sex is down. When asked if they were satisfied with their sex lives, 43 percent in the new survey said yes, down from 51 percent in 2004. Sigh…

The AARP (American Association of Retired Persons) survey gathered results from 1670 people over the age of 45. The survey found that sexual activity — marital or not — seems to be less frequent overall for this age group. “In the new survey, 28 percent said they had intercourse at least once a week, and 40 percent at least once a month — both categories were down roughly 10 percentage points from 2004.” (Associated Press; May 7th/10)

As well, “according to the survey, men are more than five times as likely as women to say they think of sex at least once a day, and nearly three times as likely to say they engage in self-stimulation at least once a week.”

When asked what they felt might improve their sex lives, “…twenty percent of the women and 37 percent of the men said better health; 14 percent of the women and 26 percent of the men said better personal finances.”

In another on-line survey completed last month of close to 10,000 Australian men and women, between the ages of 25 and 45, 33% of women indicated they wanted sex every day, compared with 40% of men. It seems the genders aren’t too difference in terms of their eagerness.

It seems however, that this survey also suggested that there is some difficulty in the action plan, with 25% of women having sex once a week while one in five have sex once a month. There are many more of course, who are having sex much less than even this.

Here are a few more of the answers published in this months Men’s Health and Women’s Health (Australia) magazines. Some of the men and women’s questions were different. Here are answers to some of the common inquiries; women’s responses in black; men’s answers in blue.

Are you in a relationship? Yes – 80%  (79%),   No – 20% (21%)

What best brings you to orgasm? Vaginal penetration – 46%  (76%),  Manual stimulation – 41%  (21%),  Oral sex – 35%  (30%)

Do you reach orgasm every time you have sex? Never – 7%  (1%),  Rarely – 22%  (5%), Mostly – 51%  (38%), Yes! – 23%  (57%)

Do you ever fake it? Yes, always – 5%,  Sometimes – 42%,  No, never – 23%

How often do you masturbate? At least once a day – 18%  (32%), At least once a week – 38%  (46%), At least once a month – 44%  (22%)

I wish my partner would: Spend less time focusing on my vagina/penis – 13%, Last longer – 20%,  Tell me what he/she wants – 24%, Be more sexually adventurus – 25%,  Seduce me more often – 54%

(Please complete our own survey to the right to see how we compare to the Aussies!)

Our sexual relationships are much more complex and filled with subtleties which cannot be truly comprehended or communicated through a few survey percentages.

However, as our survey from last month also suggested, it does seem that we are waiting for our beloved to please come to us to initiate a sexual encounter. And if 86% prefer to be seduced, does this suggest that 86% of us are waiting this evening?

Wait no longer! It seems we want to be seduced, and to be seduced more often. The Aussie survey also suggests that we want our lover to talk to us more, to tell us what he or she wants, and to be more adventuresome!

The “A Private Affair Game” is just the thing to get things flowing. Seduction and delicious sex often starts with some very candid, well-placed, and sometimes risk-taking words…   let the games begin!


QUICK LOVE TIP! click here to read a great post from “Jen’s Love Lessons” on why sexual satisfaction is so important to overall relationship satisfaction. Great sex nourishes a great relationship, and a warm relationship leads to hotter sex! Certainly worth experimenting with!

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  1. Martha says:

    Truth is … alot of my satisfaction is wrapped up in his … (and visa-versa I think) The delicious thrill of tactile stimulation and physical pleasure is of course most potent for me when he is satisfied too. His orgasm plays a key role in my sense of satisfaction even if i don’t reach orgasm … making his and my satisfaction sometimes difficult to separate? (in a manner of speaking 🙂

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