Wife on Top?

Wife on top?

For those of you who have been inspired and challenged by King Solomon’s description of “a wife of noble character,” here’s a fabulous post on sexual confidence and enthusiasm by Julie Sibert, entitled… “I think the Proverbs 31 wife liked being on top!”

Julie writes…

I would be willing to guess she liked being on top occasionally, where she could lead sexually, bring about pleasure for both herself and her husband, and add some variety to their sexual landscape. She rocks in my book!

Click here to read full article on Stu Gray’s “The Marry Blogger” Blog.

Julie concludes with “… When it comes to sexual confidence, I’m not talking about variety for variety’s sake. I’m talking about honest connection, truth and mutual responsibility for sexual expression. I definitely think the Proverbs 31 wife liked being on top. And if she were around today, I’d sit with her in her vineyard, talk about marriage and life, and drink good wine.”

King Solomon was also the chap who wrote (900 B.C.) that “an honest answer (or literally straight talk) is like a kiss on the lips!” Interesting eh? He’s suggesting that quite intentional, transparent and naked conversation… is very sexy indeed.

Which is what the A PRIVATE AFFAIR game is all about!

The World Cup may be on, but for some real action on and off the field… pick up a card, and let the games really begin!

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