getting more familiar

Is this game explicit? Yes! Good conversation, good relationships and good loving is explicit. We need to enjoy this honest transparency with each other, knowing and being known, understanding and being understood.

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, explicit means: “fully revealed or expressed without vagueness, implication, or ambiguity: leaving no question as to meaning or intent.”

The ideas, questions, suggestions on many of the game cards are clearly sexual in nature. But remember, our love life is a “private affair,” and if we want to move into more honest and intimate places, then being verbally explicit can lead the way to this deeper trust and enjoyment in our marriages.

Great sex is part of a desire to know, and to be known, in exclusive and explicit ways. This can be done with kindness, but we may want to explore new ways to be much more open, and perhaps a bit more ready to enjoy discovering how different we actually may be! Rediscovery! And Viva la difference!

This in no way disregards the sweet subtlety of seduction, or the right desire to keep mystery and intrigue at the heart of our love lives. However, most couples need to risk more, not less vulnerability. It is a good idea, but where can we start?

Pick up a card, and let the games begin!

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