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(game give-a-way over! )

My wife Jan came home from the grocery store this week quite ticked off that huge Halloween displays were already up!  Halloween is 9 weeks away! She even tried to find the store manager to give serious complaint!  He seemed to be hiding; or, perhaps was in costume already.

Here we are,  trying to fully enjoy and soak in these last halcyon summer days, but once again retailers are thrashing through to the “next thing!”  In our Time For Love post, I quoted the 17th Century mathematician, theologian and poet Blaise Pascal who remarked, that even three centuries ago…

“We live in times,” he writes, “that do not belong to us; the future or the past, and fail to live in the only time (the present) that truly is ours to live.” “It’s inevitable” he suggests, “that we may never live, but only hope to live…” – Blaise Pascal – 1623-1662

And of course, we are fully in the “back to school” mode, with all the agitated driving and increasing anxiety this season promises. ‘Tis the season to be… stressed?

Summer is winding down. But September has just barely begun!

Summertime. I think of Ella singing it, and of scenes like Norman Rockwell’s “The Fishing Hole” cover for the Post.

August 11th, 1945 - Post Cover by Norman Rockwell - "The Fishing Hole"

This chap – taking a sweet break on a hot summer work-day – seems to have got it right! He’s having no trouble at all, “living in the present!”

Well… we’d like to do our part in helping to make a gentler and happier transition into the next month. September doesn’t have to be an intensely scheduled season to be survived.

As the days begin to shorten and to cool, plan on heating up your love-life!

We have not had a free-game-give-a-way for a little while, so here we go!

Leave your idea or advice in the “Leave a Reply” box below, and you will be entered to win a free “A Private Affair”game ($34.99 value) – shipped by expedited post to your door!


Leave a short answer to the query below. You will then be entered for the draw which will take place, Monday, September 12th at midnight CST.

 What’s the best idea you’ve had, or the best advice you’ve received, to improve your sex life?


12 Responses to “Free Game Give-a-way!”

  1. Daren says:

    Best advice? I don’t know, but this comes to mind: Laughter makes it better. Just have fun.

  2. Mark says:

    Beyond living in the present, appreciating your time now, rather than JUST dreaming of some later stage in life. Appreciate your 8 year old child now, don’t just wait for them to go off to college. Appreciate your time of life to work, rather than just looking forward to retirement. Etc…

  3. Jen says:

    There is never too much talk, touch or taste in marriage.

  4. M.F. says:

    It was late on a Saturday night, we were driving home after a wedding and in the quiet of the ride, we looked at each other and suddenly we both felt those stirrings of love and passion. My husband drove to a country road, and we parked by a river where he lay a blanket on the soft grass and we made love by the moonlight. It felt risque and new and we felt like teenagers or lovers in a movie. We smiled for days.

  5. TJ says:

    Best words…”He will always think you look prettier than you think you do…so relax.”

  6. R says:

    Recently the best advice we’ve gotten is to incorporate coconut oil. Massages, lubrication and just plain fun! 🙂

  7. Nicole M. says:

    To always believe the best is yet to come. And to work to make it that way every time.

  8. joan says:

    Too much of any one thing isn’t fun. Talk dirty… Sometimes. Be rough… Sometimes. Be sweet and gentle… Sometimes.

  9. jagwizkid says:

    I would say the best advice I’ve received is to be purposeful. Dont wait for the emotions or rely on the feelings. Make the decision for yourself. THINK about sex if you tend to struggle with being in the mood. Its ok to remind yourself to think about it. Communicate, communicate, communicate. Find something new to try. Talk to your spouse… even if one or both of you are embarrassed… talk about things you like, things you don’t like and things you’d like to try. Its ok if it doesn’t work or if you break into laughter. But be purposeful in being the lover your spouse desires, even if it means taking risks.

  10. Don says:

    You think you both will look young and vibrant forever. There will come a day when all you have of how you looked will be memories. How about intimate pics or videos of both of you together and individual too? Fun today, priceless tomorrow! From one who knows.

  11. Todd martin says:

    The best advise I have received is you can not change your spouse, but only yourself.

  12. wendy says:

    Absolutely, without a doubt – “Do onto your (significant) other as you would have done onto you.”