Our game draw has ended! Midnight CST; February 13/13

Our draw for 3 Games give-a-way ended at midnight, February 13/13. From our 51 entries, we used a random number generator which came up with entries YS, Robyn B. and Karen. We have written to these winners for their mailing addresses! Congratulations! And we hope you have great fun and more with this!

Copied below are some comments about what people are said they wish they could talk about with their beloved! (This draw closed as of February 14/13).

This 3 Games give-a-way is premised on the notion that we actually have some pretty clear feelings and thoughts about what we are wanting to experience… but that we seem to really struggle to talk to each other candidly about these intimate things! We’re… we’re…shy?

The “A Private Affair” game is designed to allow us to playfully have these very conversations! To get these things “on the table” so to speak… and into our relationship and lovemaking of all sorts.

What do we wish we could just simply ask for? And talk about plainly with each other?

Here are a few of the responses so far entered into this give-a-way. Can you relate in any way?

I wish we could talk about having more sex!

I wish she would tell me in detail how I could better meet her needs.

I wish they would share their fantasies with me, and that we could then play them out!

I wish we could increase the eroticism of our sexual encounters and our life together.

I wish he would tell me precisely how I could meet his needs and maintain the excitement.

I wish we could try new things! (This came up a number of times. We love the novel and are bored by “same old!”)

I so badly want to spice things up!

I wish we could make more time for sex!

I wish we could talk candidly about how to grow together, how to have fun together, how to have better sex!

I wish he would tell me in extremely vivid detail, what he’d like to do with me!

I wish she would tell me more about how she’d like me to get her going!

I wish we could talk really honestly, about what we wish the other would do!

I wish I could tell her how badly I want her to initiate more

When you “play the game” these (and more!) are the conversations you quickly find yourselves in… perhaps while sitting, appearing ever so innocent, at your corner table in Starbucks!

Leave a comment under the “3 Game give-a-Way” post by midnight, February 13/13 to be entered to win.

But win or not, be sure to get your own black box of delicious possibility asap!  Click here to see how to order.

11 Responses to “Our game draw has ended! Midnight CST; February 13/13”

  1. stacie says:

    We would Love this game!!!

  2. Ellen says:

    I’ve heard good things about this game – thinking it would be a perfect valentines present for my mom. Just kidding, I mean for my husband and me!

  3. sara says:

    Sounds like a great way to connect with my hubby!

  4. Diana says:

    I would love to try this game out with my hubby!

  5. Karen says:

    I wish we could put sex on the calendar so it wouldn’t get off the radar.

  6. Kerri says:

    I am always looking for a way to bring more fun, connection and interest into our relationship. I feel like this would be a great way to do that!

  7. Ed Valcinor says:

    Awesome I WANT IT I WANT IT!!!!

  8. MADEL CARLINE says:

    Been married 32 years, would love this to open up conversation with my hubby!

  9. Michael Flory says:

    This looks like fun!

  10. Jen says:

    This is such a great conversation starter — i love it!

  11. Amy S. says:

    This looks great! I’d love more ideas for things to discuss – and romantic/intimacy questions would be fun!

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