Valentine’s Day!

Love me

A PRIVATE AFFAIR is the perfect gift for your husband or wife for this celebration.  A very hot gift which you can PLAY together this valentine’s day… and throughout the year. Anytime, anywhere.

In our Any Time Spent post we suggest we enjoy the rich reward of the coming year by paying attention to the things we know really give us a sense of fulfillment. The kinds of things done, that when you go to bed and look back on your day, you can happily say, “Well THAT was time well spent!”

How easy is it for things to get away on us as we tend to the never-ending and often repetitive and mundane tasks of life.

Add your thoughts to our list in this post! So far, here are some of the ideas folks have sent in…

Any time spent…

  • Having sex (perhaps no real surprise here); so far this came up #1; Have More Sex!
  • Praying (quite a few suggested this)
  • Playing, and being in the moment
  • Thinking about my husband
  • Camping
  • Gardening
  • Learning and educating myself
  • Any time spent laughing!
  • Giving or receiving a massage
  • Eating out!
  • Exercising
  • Drinking Champagne!
  • Any time with our children
  • Connecting in AND out of bed
  • Reading
  • Being out of doors
  • Any time spent with him in ANY way… from grocery shopping to making love!

If at the end of 2015 you could say that these things just filled your life…  sounds like it would have been a very good year indeed!

Carpe diem!

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