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Game Review – Jen’s Love Lessons by Jennie Gill-Rosier, James Madison University – “This game has it all. It’s enticing, enjoyable, and filled with a ton of opportunities for intimate disclosure and playful experiences with your mate. In the end, you and your partner will feel closer, more connected, and you’ll likely even have a better sex life because of this game!” – click here for full review.

Let’s Talk About Sex! – Project M – by Kathleen Quiring – “This is not your typical couple’s sex game at all! This game is meant to help couples get back on that road…  and look at how classy it looks! I would be happy to get caught playing something so classy-looking with my husband in public. A Private Affair is meant to deepen intimacy between committed lovers, and is consequently a product I am happy to endorse!”

Game Review/Zoomer Magazine – Shake up Your Love Life with A Private Affair! – by Charlotte Bumstead – “It’s a way of reigniting the inner flame of your relationship and bringing you back to the day you first met; reviving the butterflies you felt when you shared that first kiss many, many years ago.”

Valentine’s Week of Giveaways – by Corey Allan, Ph.D. – Simple Marriage – “Couples are hungry for connection, but a bit lost as to where to begin. We keep our game at the back door. As we’re heading out, one of us pockets a few cards so we can “play the game” should we have a few moments, and want to get into some intimate conversation and play together.”

The Globe & Mail (Toronto)
“Boggle this ain’t – a game to spice up your monogamous romps!”
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Winnipeg Free Press
Created by a marriage therapist to help couples spice up their lives, A Private Affair is anything but a bored game!
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Josey Vogels – The J Spot – Toronto – “I love that you can play it anywhere, in restaurants, over coffee, while out for a walk, or during car rides, say, en route to the in-laws for Christmas dinner. You’re bound to arrive in a good mood!” – Click here to read the full article.

Jim and Carrie Gordon, The Intimate “You will be coming back to use it again and again!

More than anything else, A Private Affair is a wonderful tool to facilitate conversation between husband and wife in the areas requiring the most sensitivity: relationships, sexuality, and secrets! Anyone that has tried to help couples enhance their relationships will concur that conversation and communication are key ingredients in every marriage. This game is perfect for enriching both!

A Private Affair is a wonderful, safe venue for broaching topics that require vulnerability and, in turn, promote intimacy.

A Private Affair is not like any other couples’ game we’ve seen. It is about excellence, both in presentation and content!

A Private Affair is able to effectively bridge three concepts that aren’t often woven together: sexuality, emotional and intellectual connecting, and excellence! You will not be disappointed with A Private Affair, and will be coming back to use it again and again!

Simple Marriage“A Private Affair” is a great way to discover more about yourself and your spouse. Even if your relationship is already deep and meaningful, there are things you’ve yet to discuss with your spouse – and this game opens up the discussion. Another great aspect of this game is the questions are worded to open up and discuss the possibilites and strengths of the relationships, not the shortcomings or failings. This game is a must play for couples looking to change it up a bit and experience even more of each other.”  –My wife and I have played this game several times, and each time it has been great!” –   Corey Allan, Ph.D., author of “A Simple Marriage: The Path to Experiencing More  in Marriage and in Life.”

Bliss Tree
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Lori Phillips, BellaOnlineEDITOR RECOMMENDED! “A Private Affair” game is a fun and titillating way to deepen the intimacy in your marriage. Even if you have open communication, the cards bring up questions you’d never think to ask.  It’s a great way to discover new things about each other just when you thought you knew it all.” ~ Lori Phillips, Marriage Editor, BellaOnline. Click here to see complete review.

Review at DIVINE CAROLINEClick here to see complete review.

Christian Week  – In this national newspaper publication, Christian Week writer Aaron Epp quotes Canadian pastor Daren Redekopp;  “…Redekopp and his colleagues have started giving the game away to each couple that completes its pre-marital counseling at the church. “The habits that you set in those early years [of marriage] tend to play a big role in how you communicate with each other throughout your life,” he says. “We want to encourage couples to develop exciting, deep, extravagant communication habits.”  ~   “Christian Week

A PRIVATE AFFAIR: Go for it! – review by Bergen & Associates Counselling.  “I have a passion for making good marriages better —  this seems like one more tool in the arsenal to make marriages rich, enduring and loving.  What a find! To have a playful, fun way of strengthening the relationship–no books to read, theory to understand, dry standard marriage improvement stuff — just a fun vehicle to spend some enjoyable time as a couple!”  ~  Carolyn Bergen, Bergen & Associates

“Communication and sex for my wife and I are inseparable as the one comes before the other.  Good convo and fun doing it makes my wife WANT to DO IT! The game gets 4.5 stars out of 5 for us, I always leave room for improvement. I recommend the game to any couples needing some jazzing up in the sack!”  –  J

“We have played the game in private as well as out on a diner date. I guess it all depends on where you are at in your relationship…for us 2 kids, bad pregnancies has led to a dull sex life the last 5 years. The game has helped us immensely with respect to getting the engine running again. My hubby and I love the game!” –   D

“We have ‘the brick’ – my term of endearment for this game, given its size and shape. I HAVE a term of endearment, because I think it’s a GREAT game! … an investment that’s yielded priceless rewards. When we take cards out of the box, I know I’m not going to be disappointed … but not because it necessarily gets either of us into “the mood for intimacy” then and there. For us, the rewards of this game have arrived in somewhat of a trickle … slow and steady.

We’ve only played a small fraction of the cards (4 kids have something to do with this!) … but we’re both recognizing, absorbing, and ENJOYING a new dimension of our 22-year marriage. The new ‘glow’ has emerged as a result of the more thoughtful (and less inhibited) communication that the game has inculcated into our marriage. To put it simply … we talk to each other alot more about our sexuality … and about aspects of sexuality that we never did before ‘the brick’. We’re in no rush to go through all the cards quickly, and are happily basking in the benefits we’ve gained so far … sort of like enjoying a suck candy … rolling it around in your mouth to prolong the pleasure. Now I’m not saying that since owning ‘the brick’ we haven’t ‘bitten the candy’ for an explosion of taste now and then … but not at the actual time we’re playing the game. (good thing, as many of our APA times so far have been in public places!)  The ‘taste explosions’, however, have been DELICIOUS … and a direct effect, I’m sure, of the amazing, tantalizing, and provocative conversations that have bloomed from the APA cardsI think APA is a wonderful way for couples to hone their communication skills; and for us, that has proven to be a key to polishing a ‘good marriage’ into a great one!”  –  Jill P. – Vancouver, B.C.

A Private Affair Game Giveaway at Simple Marriage; “A Private Affair is not a typical couples “sex game” at all; not the kind you play at home on Friday night with a bottle of massage oil, a feather, and blindfold. This game is played with “eyes wide open” while you move through the bits and pieces of life with your spouse.”

J & K, Scottsdale, Arizona
We’ve never seen anything quite like this, and we’re telling all our couple friends about it! What a great way to get very real with each other. There’s something about this being a “game” that somehow makes it easier to risk sharing things I don’t think we would have discussed otherwise. And what a great way to break through the routines of how we normally talk and relate to each other. The cards really do invite you to take some risks I can’t imagine we’d take otherwise! This is just too cool!

D & L, Winnipeg
We played the first round of the game last night. Beautiful! Much thanks, great conversation blossomed!

B & D, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Life can be busy, and maybe we get too tired to work at the area of intimacy as we should. “A Private Affair” really helps make good and intimate conversation happen, without too much work or fuss. We just go where the cards take us, and I think we nearly always learn something new or more about each other, and where we’re at.

M & S, Winnipeg
“A Private Affair” is an incredibly intimate tool that allows you the opportunity to delve deeper into your relationship then you thought possible,and can be played anywhere!