Now there’s a word to ponder! 

 The English poet and novelist Evelyn Underhill (1875 – 1941) wrote…

We are far from realising all that human spirits can do for one another on spiritual levels if they will pay the price; how truly and really our souls interpenetrate, and how impossible and un-Christian it is to “keep ourselves to ourselves.”

Think for a moment how easily and acceptably we move through our relationships in such superficial and invulnerable ways, not only with our neighbours, work colleagues and the “familiar strangers” that fill our days, but perhaps especially in our families, and with our spouse. Truly, perhaps we live like “strangers in the night,” with those we say we love the most. And when we lose someone we love, the old lyric by Joni Mitchell “you don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone” is so often sadly true.
Consider how you might risk more vulnerability with your lover today. The “A Private Affair” game was crafted to invite couples into more dangerous, honest and transparent territory. The “naked and not ashamed” ideal that can be ours in love, that delights and fires passion.

Consider how you may, in Underhill’s words, be “(keeping) ourselves to ourselves.” And what is the “price” we may need to pay in order to tumble into this nakedness that heals and completes us? Nothing ventured, nothing gained?

What’s YOUR experience?



One Response to “Interpenetration!”

  1. jane says:

    “The eyes are the window to the soul…” Hmm. There’s truth to this old proverb. Perhaps making love with eyes open, from beginning to end, is a way of bringing a (risky?) transparency, and fresh passion to the physical intimacy of our love that’s otherwise not there?

    And of course speaking our deepest dreams and desires, baring our souls, would be a price to pay for a richer relationship all round … AND its own reward!