The Game!



Welcome to the blog site for the fabulous new card game for couples!

This is not your traditional “couples game!”

“What a find! We haven’t  seen anything quite like this!”

“A fun and titillating way to deepen the intimacy in your marriage.”

“An incredibly intimate tool that allows you the opportunity to delve deeper into your relationship then you thought possible, and it can be played anywhere!”

“I love that you can play it anywhere, in restaurants, over coffee, while out for a walk, or during car rides, say, en route to the in-laws for Christmas dinner. You’re bound to arrive in a good mood!”

“Boggle this ain’t – a game to spice up your monogamous romps!”

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A Private Affair is a game that lovers of all sorts will want to have close at hand.

Just grab a few cards as you head out the door.  When you have a few moments,  or a longer time together, you can pick up the thread of your life-long conversation of love,  sharing secrets, scheming new plans together, and noting new promises to keep!

Stories about “sexless marriages” are hot topics at the moment, but the issue is not really “sexless” but “less” in general for so many; less adventure, less understanding, less connecting, less joy, less kindness, less energy, less hope, etc.

Couples are hungry for connection, but a bit lost as to where to begin.

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Still wondering how the game works?

Check out the “How to Play” – VERY short version of instructions, 1 -2 -3, about how you can jump into the game in just seconds. Anywhere!  And enjoy!

One Response to “The Game!”

  1. phyll and will says:

    What a welcome addition to the games cupboard! An erotic tonic to twenty-two years of “good marriage.” It somehow gives license to talk about things we’d otherwise be far less likely to talk about, and compels us to relish in it. How very refreshing!!

    Apparently there’s a ‘quickie’ variation to play 15-20 seconds per card, which I can’t imagine. We’ve only played a few times so far, a few cards per game, and the games have gone on for an hour or two. But hey, if the brilliance behind this golden game suggests a quickie variation, we’re game to give it a go in the next little while.

    “A Private Affair Game” is something we’d love for all our couple friends to experience.