Shower together!

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When was the last time you took a shower with your spouse? The idea simply may not have occurred to you lately.

It’s not very practical of course.  Stalls are usually just about big enough for one.  Most have only one shower head, which means you have to take turns getting wet, warm, rinsed, soap out of the eyes, etc.  And the effort takes a good deal of coordination and cooperation, as you move around, out of the way, take your turn, bump about, and pass the soap back and forth to one other.

Inviting your spouse (or inviting yourself) into this daily private reverie is however, a fairly friendly and intimate thing to do.

If you shower naked (which they recommend) then there is a good degree of vulnerability and trust involved.  The fact that it is (to be honest) a fairly awkward and cumbersome undertaking means that you must be reasonably kind and patient with each other in order for the effort to succeed.

You can help soap one another up of course, which has pleasant possibilities and helps in sliding by for your turn under the shower head, but for the most part you will simply do as your normally do, with the exception that someone else is seriously getting in the way!

Why bother?

Well… couples who have given this a try report it to be a consistently pleasing experience, with a happy after-glow that they say seems to last well into the day.

After all, it is a rather happy memory (and secret) to recall this picture in your mind as you make your way through morning traffic, or as you persevere through a mindless meeting, or a long phone call.

Couples who shower together from time to time give this advice.

  1. Just do it. Nike. Don’t think about it much, or wait for certain feelings or lightening to strike.
  2. Show up. Join your spouse midway into their shower with a “…may I join you?”
  3. Hang about, help if you can, chat, soap up, perhaps steal a few slippery sexual caresses.
  4. Enjoy your naked partner,  grateful that you are in this (life, and shower) together.
  5. Showering together doesn’t usually lead to sex, but if it does, then just take this as it comes. Better than soap in your eyes.

So there’s your challenge for this week.

There are all sorts of reasons why couples may prefer not to jump into this together, so perhaps this is just not for everyone. Cool. But if the thought has passed by a few times, then slide in some morning for some brief quality time with your belove

It’s a very pleasant memory to take into your day, this bit of clean fun and exchange of pleasantries, and will likely soften your hearts toward each other for hours afterward.


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7 Responses to “Shower together!”

  1. Beatrice ;) says:

    My husband and I shower together all the time! It doesn’t have to be about sex, it just allows us to spend time together in our busy lives without any distractions. If it leads to sex……it is a bonus.

    There was one time in the shower that while we were talking, I started crying. I was upset about the loss of someone very close to me. So, here I was crying while shampooing my hair with my eyes closed. My husband then helped me back into the water and rinsed my hair for me. It was such a caring, touching, and kind moment between me and my husband that I will never forget.

  2. TS says:

    What a lovely and powerful picture of intimacy and kindness. Thanks for sharing this Beatrice!

  3. Ross says:

    A great reminder. She won’t be expecting this but I know she won’t mind. We used to do this lots, just got out of the habit. I plan to surprise her this week. Like you suggest it’s pretty decent clean fun and the close and slippery nakedness under hot water is a great turn-on! crazy not to try this more.

  4. Jerry says:

    My wife has Dementia, and wasn’t showering often enough and also wasn’t washing her hair. To remedy this, I offered to wash her in the shower, and to shampoo her hair. This way, she is clean, with washed hair. I also like her to touch me (intimately) and I touch her, and we both enjoy it. An enjoyable solution to a problem!

  5. Jeff says:

    I’m suprised people don’t do this all the time. When we both have weekends off together we are always in the shower together on Saturday and Sunday. Weekdays are different as you know.

  6. Mike says:

    My sweetheart and I shower together all the time. Weekdays, weekends, and on vacation. It is very intimate and sensual, and makes us much more connected. We have a shower for two at home, two shower heads, etc. But when away, it’s no problem even with one. We often wash each other’s hair, and usually always wash each other with the body wash. We always kiss and hug as well. Usually though, as it’s morning and a workday – it doesn’t lead to sex. On vacation, well …. 🙂

  7. Anne M says:

    My husband and I have showered together since we married of course not all the time but more often then not we do end up together since we are usually in the bathroom about the same time. Lucky for us our life schedules with work etc are aligned for our timing to be good.
    There have been many special moments that happen in the bathroom and shower in life including consoling moments during times of loss.
    It does seem like he joins me more often then I have the chance to join him already in the shower although I do and have.
    It truly is one of the special places for us especially once we became parents.

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