How to Play

Couples at summit

Or… “game instructions,” short version.

The game you take places. The game that takes YOU places.

We want our conversations to be rich, honest, compelling, exciting, revealing and rewarding.

But once we’re sitting together over coffee, or the waiter has left with our order, somehow we seem stuck.  Unless… one of you grabbed a few cards from the box (500 to choose from!) before you left home.APA cards in wallet

1. Don’t leave home without it! Grab a few cards as you head out the door. Perhaps keep an emergency supply in your purse our wallet. You can go places fast with just 5-10 cards!

2. Offer to play a card! Sitting in traffic, waiting in line at the grocery store, over coffee or a relaxed evening meal, or even over the phone at lunch… offer to “play a card.” Make up your own rules; i.e. who goes first; how many cards you play, or even pre-select a few cards you’d like to hear your beloved answer!

3. Results! Enjoy a refreshing experience of risque, revealing, heart-warming and encouraging conversation. APA cards offer an amazing short-cut into deeper and compelling conversation with your beloved.

The summit of real connection and intimacy is not easily won, but so many never leave base camp! With just a few cards, you are immediately launched into a surprise journey together. Conversation grows. Secrets entice. Plans are considered, explored and put in motion. Love, in all it’s parts,  is nurtured.

But it is a tad addicting!  …the “let’s just play one more card…”


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