Seduce …or BE Seduced?

Seduce OR ...BE seduced!

Friday! The weekend!

Now…  what shall it be?  Seduce?  …or hope to BE seduced?

Conquer or be conquered! Eat or be eaten!  Hmm. That is the question.

Actually this IS our current survey question in the panel to the right.

Would you rather seduce? Or be seduced?

Such a delicious, fruity and erotic word, filled with energy, dreamy images and possibility.

What do you think of when you think of seduction? And with respect to this question, what is your preference? I’ve asked quite a few people this question recently and have been surprised to learn that nearly everyone responds immediately and knows exactly which they prefer.

Does your spouse prefer to seduce or be seduced? If you’re not sure, then ask them and… go from there.

Does it surprise you that so far our survey indicates that almost 90% of people have a strong preference for one over the other? (If you haven’t done the survey yet, please make your choice at the “Visitor Poll” to the right before seeing the results).

Here’s our next question.  Why?  90%!

Your expert opinion please! Why for you do you prefer what you prefer, and why do you think the vast majority (90%) have a strong preference for one over the other?

Also if you’re in the 10%, please do tell us why you’re in this very interesting minority!  …and all the best to you, regardless where you’re at with this!


On balance, would you prefer to seduce, or be seduced?

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5 Responses to “Seduce …or BE Seduced?”

  1. Isabel says:

    although i wouldn’t say my preference is STRONG, i do quite enjoy seducing my husband. there’s something very satisfying about initiating and then hearing right back, in no uncertain ‘terms’, “YES! I want you ,here and now.” It gives me a sense of power, I suppose, and assures me that I’ve still ‘got what it takes’.
    On the other hand, it’s also gratifying to be the ‘approachee’. Even though I may not be in the mood initially, it can be a lot of FUN to be woo’d into the mood. Bottom line for me …there are two sweet sides to seduction!

  2. Rebecca says:

    Mmmm…I like to seduce. I think its partly about liking to set the pace and also that I really enjoy creating a fantasy and seeing it “work” for my husband who is, I must say, not difficult to tempt!

    Also its a pretty cool role reversal in our relationship where my husband usually tends to make the first move.

  3. anonymous (please) says:

    I LOVE to be seduced by my wife! It’s the ultimate something. Compliment? Turn-on? Ride? It’s usually very very hot, and somehow feels like the first time over and over. Gotta go. Nice blog.

  4. Skip says:

    I like to be seduced because if my wife is playing the seduction game it means that she is ready for some action. If I try to seduce, she may not be in the mood and may not even be open to the idea at the time. As anonymous said above, when she seduces it is generally hot and is a definite turn on. Good post.

  5. Howard R says:


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