What men like…

What men like... about the game

…about having (and playing) “A Private Affair.”

…comments from men who have and play the game.

…I love to hear my wife speak so honestly and candidly about her sexuality; the way she feels and thinks, what she likes, what she wants… it’s very cool!

…this game leaves no room for cowardice. Each time we play I am pulled out of myself into the wide open air of unabashed play together. Scary fun.

…we end up talking about some very personal things I know we wouldn’t get to otherwise.

…the riskiness of answering the random questions that come up has really been fun, espcially having these discussions over coffee at Starbucks!

…I love how we feel in the hours after playing, after having gotten very personal and “naked” with each other about all sorts of things in our lives and in our relationship.

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