What women like…

What women like... about playing APA …about having (and playing) “A Private Affair.”

…comments from women who have and play the game.

…the game gives me an opportunity to talk freely about my sexuality.

…helps me get inside my husband’s head and introduces potentially awkward conversations in a kind and low-key way.

…I’ve discovered things about my husband after 22 years of marriage!

…I like the sassy and subtle presentation; a visually appealing product. A big investment in our relationship for a small cost.

…a really unique gift for my spouse; a box full of surprises!

…since having ‘A Private Affair’,  we TALK alot more about sex! … which invariably leads to having more sex … which is, no doubt, what HE likes most about the game.  So…we both win…

…I love that you can play it anywhere, in restaurants, over coffee, while out for a walk, or during car rides, say, en route to the in-laws for Christmas dinner. You’re bound to arrive in a good mood!

…it’s a fun and titillating way to deepen the intimacy in your marriage. Even if you have open communication, the cards bring up questions you’d never think to ask.  It’s a great way to discover new things about each other just when you thought you knew it all.

…What a find! To have a playful, fun way of strengthening the relationship–no books to read, theory to understand, dry standard marriage improvement stuff — just a fun vehicle to spend some enjoyable time as a couple!

…the amazing, tantalizing, and provocative conversations that have bloomed from the APA cardsI think APA is a wonderful way for couples to hone their communication skills…

2 Responses to “What women like…”

  1. ruby says:

    the game is portable … and POTENT.
    We ALWAYS come out ahead when we take cards with us 🙂

  2. MZ says:

    I love that my husband who’s primary ways of expressing love are ‘giving gifts’ and ‘acts of service’ now easily pursues me in conversation. Usually it’s with a card in hand. Natural and wonderful conversations where we learn more about each other are the result. And of course we all know what good talking can lead to:)

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