More Oral!

Has anyone “done you” lately? Really ravished you orally, letting their tongue send shivers of raw pleasure and exquisite delight through your hungry frame?

How long HAS it been since you last really enjoyed yourselves together orally?

Has anyone REALLY “done you” lately? Absolutely covering and then uncovering you with dangerously forthright locution, too risky and intimate for any other ears? With unabashed and naked exploration and protestations of love and passion and penetrating queries beseeching you to reveal all, to risk everything? An erotic “Show and Tell?”

Really… how long HAS it been since you enjoyed the dreamy naked experience of this wilder kind of “oral” sexuality with your beloved?

In our recent post “A Safe Place to be Dangerous,” we suggested that in most homes, on any given evening, this kind of compelling and risque reparté between lovers is heard mostly in decent literature or trashy novels, or in television shows or movies (fiction), with the “real life” conversation sticking to the basics; “Is tomorrow garbage day?” and, “…the battery in this remote seems to be going sweetheart.” Sigh…

Has anyone REALLY done you lately; persisting with their tongue, pressing their way into the the secret places in your heart and soul?

Some 3000 years ago, King Solomon (the same chap who penned that passionate poem – “Your breasts are like clusters of fruit… and I will climb the palm tree and take hold of its fruit!” – SS 7:6-8), etc., also wrote that “an honest answer (or absolutely “straight talk”) is like a kiss on the lips!” As we risk soulful nakedness with our words (a different kind of “oral sex”), the result can be something quite juicy and rewarding indeed… “Like… a kiss on the lips!”

Who wouldn’t mind THAT kind of thing on any given night? Especially when compared to the normal fare.

This kind of “oral sex” is exactly what the “A Private Affair Game” is all about. Oh we know, “we’re tired, we’ve grown apart, we’ve got other things on our minds;” kids, debt, work, your parents, perhaps a leaky roof, AND… we’re not getting along too well these days,” etc; but… as Shere Hite wrote in her infamous report, so many years ago; “More oral PLEASE!”

The game makes this variation of “oral sex” very simple indeed.

It may be that you haven’t enjoyed this kind of vulnerable and intimate reparté for some time; perhaps not for a long time. Our natural tendency is usually to take the path of least conflict and risk. And “naked conversation” is not all smooth sailing. Far from it! But it is being true and alive to ourselves and our beloved. It is being passionate in an increasingly passionless world.

What are you waiting for?

Pocket a few cards, and head out together, for a few minutes (a “quickie”), or for a longer time of lingering tongue-work. Either way, a much more alive and exciting way to spend your time and your life!

And in case your game hasn’t yet arrived in the mail; check out a few sample cards in our gallery cards to get the juices flowing…  and a few more here as well!

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