A PRIVATE AFFAIR is a quick and dependable way for you and your partner to dive deeply into each other. Anywhere, anytime, a few cards in the car, or a handful for a longer session of love-making in a cafe or even over the phone or skyping! Go!

A game of satisfyingly penetrating repartee; a matter-of-fact “truth or dare.” Sometime surprising, sometimes very risque! Naked and galvanizing words! Whew!

Pretty soon you’ll be disappointed if you’re out somewhere, and discover that the other didn’t pocket a few cards before leaving home!  Rats!

Who goes first? Depends on the draw of the card.

Provocative and heart-warming conversation, as we shed our emotional and sometimes stuffy and pretentious clothes.  Whew!  All over a cup of coffee at that corner table in a cafe. I wonder what the other couples are talking about?

A Private Affair is a practical and playful invitation to get naked in your words with each other. Fact is, this was once (perhaps a long time ago) how you were! Happily and enthusiastically, but… how easily things can become stale, flat, disappointing and boring. Grab a few cards and enjoy the slippery journey back! Your love relationship can be much more play… and a little less work!

A dicey black box with 500 surprises. (click here)

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