Take a moment

Thought de jour.

For countless reasons which we love to enumerate, we live weary, fragmented and distracted lives.

Disappointment grows, and when our marriages drift apart we read the latest expert advice; ideas and hopefully clever ways we might renegotiate the deal for something happier. We assume we should communicate better, find things in common, and perhaps be a little less selfish, but we actually wish for the life and passion we had and sometimes feel for other things and even other people.

Rabbi Herschel suggests we stand back for a moment and consider things anew. His is an interesting notion, and one which may remind us of earlier memories of “falling in love” and love-making.

Consider; are you in awe of your spouse? And of the incredible opportunity to move through life together, and through this day?

“Awe is a way of being in rapport with the mystery of all reality.

The awe that we sense or ought to sense when standing in the presence of a human being is a moment of intuition of the likeness of God which is concealed in his essence. Not only man; even inanimate things stand in a relation to the Creator.

The secret of every being is the divine care and concern that are invested in it. Something sacred is at stake in every event.” – Abraham Joshua Herschel; (1907-1972)

What are the “events” you have yet to encounter today? At work, at home, with your spouse? Is it possible to pause long enough to take a breather and to consider the moments of our lives the way Rabbi Herschel suggests?

Something sacred at stake, in every event. At every moment. What a powerful truth, and how easily we can gloss over almost everything.

Think about this for your very next encounter with your husband or wife.

Are they simply there in your life to be dealt with, worked around or negotiated with, or might we be able to tear ourselves away from the dreary and repetitive status quo, wake up, and realize that something wonderful is possible and something sacred is available and at stake? Today!

Stop and smell the rose!

Carpe diem with your beloved! …or the night…

2 Responses to “Take a moment”

  1. Daren says:

    Thank-you for these words of reminder. Will do this.

  2. Wilbur says:

    A human being is a wonderful creation. To have one who has chosen to spend her life with me is an incredible gift, a beautiful and sacred thing. Moments together should be cherished as such. Thanks for the reminder.

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