Sex Survey and Stats


THIS one’s accurate! …honest.

Note: VERY interesting sexual statistics information at bottom of this post!
Most every month, on at least a few magazine covers at your local grocery check-out counter, you can find yet another “SEX SURVEY!” headline. Wow! That’s the first one since… last week.

What more can they possibly report? Remind me…

Women from which Scandinavian country report receiving the most oral sex?
How many times each day do men in Hawaii think about sex?
What percentage of Australian women, ages 25-45 own a vibrator?
And of course, the single most important statistic…

How many times a year do Canadian (or Italian, or Polynesian, or South African, or Brazilian) couples have sex?

We consider that number for a moment while the person in front of us buys more lottery tickets… and we do some quick mental math.

“Whew!” we think… “we have more sex than THAT!” …or, “What? Good grief! How many times a week? Do they have jobs? Wait a sec! Is that per week or per month?” If we had a calculator…

“North American couples have sex 127 times a year.” Let’s see, that’s 2.44 times per week. That seems high. “Are we having sex 2.44 times per week?” I heard that the average was a lot less than that, or… wait, more than that?

Wait! There are more numbers in the pink side-bar. “72% of women, and 104% of men have masturbated at least once in the past three months.” Really? It’s our turn at the checkout counter, and we take a look back along the line-up. Can these numbers be right? No way!

“This is so dumb!” we mutter to ourselves.

The tabloids headlines now seem more interesting, and perhaps more accurate.

We leave the store determined to look only at the home decorating magazine headlines next time. But, next month there’s another “Sex Survey” headline, but this one is in a different magazine, a different font, a different colour. It looks… interesting. We just take a quick peek.

We may think that it’s pathetic that they run these stories month after month, year after year, and yet… “sex sells?” And “people” (not you or I of course) keep checking these numbers.

Why? We may be occasionally interested in many different things in life, as various needs arise, but sex is always there; either happily or not, in confidence or confusion. Most do have a natural drive and curiosity about the sexual habits of humans.

The most interesting sexual survey you might like to consider looking at however, is your own! If you’re reasonably careful, and basically honest… then these would be “stats” that you could actually know to be true!

In her fabulous little book, “The Generous Wife: A Year of Generous Tipsauthor Lori Byerly suggests… “Get a small journal and keep a record of your romantic/sexual relations (hide it if you have snoopy kids). Scientists have done a number of studies on folks doing this and it has been known to have beneficial results. It helps to give a more accurate picture of your sexuality and it helps people focus on and build a healthier sexuality.”

Have you ever done this? Seems more interesting than recording your fuel and mileage stats for next years tax return.

What tendencies, patterns and numbers do you think you might find?

What day of the week are you more apt to be sexual? What month?
Imagine taking a look at THIS survey, over coffee some Saturday morning, with the partner you love, and the one you’re journeying with! Truly, this is much more interesting, provocative, enticing and stimulating than what “everyone else” is doing.
What do you think?
Where are things at compared to six months ago?
And if you’re really keen to get into more discussion with each other along these lines; pick up a game before Christmas!

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