The Erotic Game of Secrets, Plans & Promises for Couples.

The card game you play in restaurants, over coffee, while out for a walk, even on the phone. A game played in so many ways; slowly, over a romantic meal, or a “quickie,” during a five minute drive in the car. But a game where you reveal intimate secrets, where you explore new, sometimes steamy plans together, and where you commit to remembering and keeping new promises. These you can even record on the SUDS sheets which will turn up daily in your life, in a most unusual place!

“A PRIVATE AFFAIR” was developed by Dr. Todd Sellick and his wife Jan, who are convinced that couples can enjoy much more spice, life and enjoyment in all parts of their relating, including their sexual relationship.  Dr. Sellick has been in private practice providing workshops and marriage and individual therapy for over 20 years. Todd and Jan just celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary.

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Five hundred beautifully illustrated cards, neatly packaged in our elegant game box, along with the APA pins, SUDS sheets, and instructions.

The cards are divided into four colour groups.

Invitations to share secrets, and to make disclosures.

Requests or wishes, and erotic vignettes.

Expert opinions and definitions.

Fantasies and quotes.

There are also 25 “roll over” cards and 15 blank cards for you to personalize to your own tastes!

Get ready to slip out of some of your emotional “clothes,” and into something quite intimate,  revealing, and maybe even brand new! Great sex is not for the faint of heart. It is sought and established quite intentionally.

“A Private Affair” is a fabulous way to enjoy a new and growing freshness and eroticism in your life!

A game you can play almost anywhere! …although we suggest you start over a quiet dinner out together, at your favourite little restaurant or café!

You may however, need to lean toward each other and to talk rather discreetly, for this truly is… “A (very) Private Affair!